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Boris Lang and Bastian Karim


Buff stud Boris Lang was sitting in the open window enjoying the cold air when Bastian Karim walks in. Bastian tried unsuccessfully to get Boris to close the window. He goes over, sits down on the bed and pulls his jeans down, exposing his cock. Boris looks back, catches site of Bastian's hot, uncut dick. He jumps up, closes the window and joins Bastian on the bed. Bastian pulls his pants off and Boris wastes no time sucking down every inch of Bastian's rock-hard cock. Boris strips off his shorts, his cock is standing at attention and Bastian eagerly services Boris' thick piece of meat. Boris spins Bastian around on the bed and bends him over exposing his hot, tight ass. He grabs a bottle of lube and squirts a healthy amount into Bastian's hole before giving Bastian a finger fucking to loosen up his hole. Boris lies back on the bed and Bastian mounts his cock. He sits right down; taking the entire shaft, and then starts riding it, forcing it deeper and deeper. Bastian kneels down on the bed and Boris comes in from the rear, shoving his cock back into Bastian's tight ass. He pounds Bastian's hole mercilessly until Bastian rolls over, throws his legs back and Boris drives his cock right back in. The pounding continues until Bastian can't take anymore and squirts his load all over his abs. Boris pulls out of Bastian's ass, shoves his cock into Bastian's mouth and begins face fucking him until he blows his jizz right down Bastian's throat.

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