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Frankie Quinn


23-year old Frankie Quinn is a lean, strapping young man and he is taking some time away from his video games to strut his stuff for us. During his interview Frankie strips off his clothes and proudly shows off his many tattoos. He settles back in his chair and immediately throws his feet in the air giving us a perfect view of that tight hole of his. He proceeds to lick his fingers and then shoves one up his ass, working his hole; and, of course making his cock hard as a rock. He quickly strips off his underwear, turns towards the camera and begins jerking his long, uncut cock. Settling back in his chair, Frankie spreads his legs on the ottoman and one hand goes about stimulating his prostate while the other continues jerking his dick. He was obviously quite horny before he started the video because it's not long until Frankie's balls are sucked up tight next to his cock. He lets go with a creamy load of jizz. It runs down his cock and coats his hand. With a final grin Frankie thumps his cum-covered cock on his tummy where he spreads it around with his hand, working it into his tight, chiseled abs.

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