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Zack and Bastian


We find Zack Hood working out with the punching bag while Bastian Karim sits on a nearby weight bench doing curls and watching Zacks style. Zack catches Bastian watching him and invites him over for some instruction on how to properly hit the bag. As Zack brushes up behind Bastian, Bastian feels the excitement growing in Zacks workout pants. Bastian peels off his shirt, kneels down in front of Zack, pulls down his pants and swallows Zacks rock-hard cock which is already standing at attention. It does not take Bastian long to get aroused. As hes sucking Zacks cock, he frees his cock and begins jerking it. Zack looks down, catches a glimpse of Bastians dick and immediately drops to his knees. He goes to town sucking Bastians cock and Bastian helps things along, rocking back and forth; fucking Zacks mouth. Bastian wants Zacks cock up his ass and after Zack sits down on the weight bench Bastian mounts Zacks dick and slowly slides down onto it. After he gets used to the size of Zacks cock, Bastian begins riding up and down; working Zacks cock with his tight ass muscles. Our two hot studs ultimately wind up on the mats. Zack continues pounding away at Bastians tight ass; but, Bastian cant hold it anymore. He blows his load of jizz all over the mats on the floor which send Zack over the edge. Zack quickly pulls out and moves up to Bastians face where he squirts a thick load of cum all over Bastians mouth.

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